Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Today I have managed to catch up with my cards for the Altered playing card challenge, finally completed weeks 4 and 5, just in time for week 6

Not entirely happy with the 'home' ones, but I'm pretty pleased with the other two....

Also, in other news, my Roc postcard from the lovely Valerie in Canada arrived to day, it is utterly fabulous!!

Love these swaps, my atc's were posted this week so should arrive soon too, excited!


  1. I am here! Nice blog posts, great work! How long have you been stamping cuz you say it's "new" to you? xx (If you remove the "captcha" from your blog, you may get more visitors to leave comments.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gerrie, I've only beed stamping since about July this year so I am watching and learning and gradually collecting together a useful collection of artsy bits. I didn't know I had 'captcha' on here?? Not sure what that even is? lol...I will try to change it xx