Saturday, August 23, 2014

SDC 161 Flowers

Yum Yum arrived today! I decided to use coloured blue card to make a night time garden, I have darker card but the flowers wouldn't have shown up. 
I do need to find a way to show the true colours in the photographs


  1. Hi, Helen, you need to be back and correct (or resubmit) the label on your artwork so that it contains the challenge number (SDC 161). That way, you'll be entered in the drawing coming up very, very soon!

    1. Thanks Kay, I thought I had called it SDC161? I will try and retake the picture too, will get the laptop out this afternoon :)

  2. Love it Helen, the cool background works beautifully :D I think perhaps Daylight seems to be best for capturing true colours in photos, I like full sun :D (all the time full sun! not just for photos )LOL :D x

  3. Thanks Gay, I do need to sort this out, the background is a pretty blue, not gray! I love the sun too, don't think there will be much of it today :( x

  4. It's a fabulous card! Thanks for joining us again this week at Stampotique.

  5. Yum yum looks at home in all the flowers! Thank you for joining us at the Stampotique designers challenge this week, hope you carry on joining in with the weekly challenges!

  6. Sweet :)
    Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Design Challenge :)

    xx Arwen